Storage Lenovo V3700 24 Discos 2,5″ SFF

IBM Storwize V3700 Storage System for Lenovo (Machine Type 6099) is a member of the IBM Storwize family of disk systems. By using IBM Storwize V7000 Storage System and IBM SAN Volume Controller functions, interoperability, and management tools, Storwize V3700 delivers innovation and new levels of storage efficiency with ease of use in an entry-level disk system to enable organizations to overcome their storage challenges.

Storwize V3700 Storage System features two node canisters, with 4 GB cache per canister upgradeable to 8 GB, in a compact, 2U, 19-inch rack mount enclosure. A 6 Gb SAS and 1 Gb iSCSI connectivity is standard, with an option for 8 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) or 10 iSCSI or Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) connectivity.

Storwize V3700 supports up to 240 drives with up to nine external expansion units. It also offers flexible drive configurations with the choice of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drive form factors, 10 K or 15 K rpm SAS and 7.2 K rpm NL SAS hard disk drives (HDDs), and SAS solid-state drives (SSDs).

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Disco Rigido (SAS)
– Não acompanha disco rigido
– Suporta discos Hot Swap SFF de 2.5″
– Gabinete Formato SFF, suportando até 24 discos de 2.5″

Capacidade de Expansao
– Suporta até 240 discos de 2.5″ SFF, através de adicionamento de até 9 gavetas de expansão SFF (6099SEU)

– Padrão: 6x SAS (3 por Controladora), 4x iSCSI (2 por Controladora)
– Opcional: FC, SAS, iSCSI

– Cache por Controladora: 4GB Padrão / Expansível para 8GB

– RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10

– Padrão: Virtualização Interna, Thin Provisioning, Data Migration, FlashCopy até 64 targets
– Opcionais: Turbo Performance, Easy Tier, Remote Mirroring, FlashCopy snapshots

Sistemas Operacionais Homologados
– Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 e 2012 R2; Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5, 6, e 7; SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10, 11, e 12; VMware vSphere 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, e 6.0.

– Possui 2 fontes redundantes hot-swap 735 W AC
– Alimentação 100-250V, 10A com 2 cabos de 2.8m

– Formato: 2U
– Modalidade SFF (suporte até 24 discos de 2.5″)
– DImensões: 87 mm x 483 mm x 556 mm


The Storwize V3700 storage system provides the following key features and benefits:

  • Scalable, modular storage with dual-active intelligent array node canisters with up to 8 GB cache per canister.
  • Flexible host connectivity to match diverse client needs with support for 6 Gb SAS and 1 Gb iSCSI connectivity standard. With optional 10 Gb iSCSI or FCoE, 8 Gb FC, or extra 6 Gb SAS or 1 Gb iSCSI connectivity.
  • 6 Gb SAS drive-side connectivity with support for 12x 3.5-inch large form factor (LFF) or 24x 2.5-inch small form factor (SFF) drives in the controller unit. Scalable up to 120 LFF drives per system with the attachment of LFF expansion units (12x LFF drives each) or up to 240 SFF drives per system with the attachment of SFF expansion unit (24x SFF drives each) to satisfy growing needs for storage capacity and performance.
  • Flexibility in storing data on high-performance SAS SSDs, performance-optimized enterprise SAS HDDs, or capacity-optimized enterprise NL SAS HDDs; mixing and matching drive types and form factors within a single system to perfectly meet performance and capacity requirements for various workloads.
  • Rich set of standard functions are available at no extra cost, including virtualized internal storage, snapshots, thin provisioning, data migration, and data replication.
  • Optional licensed functions, including higher number of snapshots for added scalability, Turbo performance, Easy Tier, and remote mirroring.
  • VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVol) integration brings advanced storage management functions to the virtual machine level. For finer VM storage service level control and policy-driven automation.Note: VVol integration feature requires IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition for Lenovo that can be downloaded from
  • Intuitive, web-based GUI for easy system set up and management.
  • Extensive interoperability with support for most major server platforms and operating systems.
  • Conforms to applicable Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) level 3 documents and to applicable European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) documents